Why graphic design is the magical unicorn behind Information Design

A common question comes up from friends and family of students in my program: “What even is information design?” (link to a great little post by a classmate of mine)

Something I’ve realized is: No one cares.

That sounds a wee bit negative, but it’s true! An information designer is here to make YOUR life easier, better, smoother, more efficient, more entertaining… but you don’t care… and that’s ok. Because, I appreciate a good mechanic, but the truth is I don’t know enough about cars to really appreciate what he just did to my car’s brakes, I just want them to work!

One thing we all appreciate is stuff that looks GOOD> take this article as proof. Elle Magazine collected all the hottest people in America for you to gaze at- you will linger, I promise.

So, as much as we don’t care about information design, we care if it looks good!
My epiphany was: information designers need to be damn good at graphic design and the art side of research, data analytics and information architecture.

Small moment that changed my life.

if you need more proof, look at these links and tell your mouth didn’t start salivating!!!

Data looking oh, so pretty

Vintage, yo

Letters never looked so good:

Minimalism: MINI




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